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One of the main ways to create an elegant landscape design in Albuquerque is to find the right balance between nature and your home. Finding the perfect balance between your yard and house will improve visual appeal while making a strong impression on visitors. Deciding on the overall theme and other elements will help you create a unique landscape design that can’t be found anywhere else.

Seven Aspects of Landscape Design You Need to Know About

Unity– Unity in the world of landscaping is the repetition of a design. You can use unity by repeating certain elements, such as plants and décor, throughout your yard. You can also fit different elements together to create a common theme. A few of the most popular themes include American Southwest, Tropical, Mediterranean, and English Country Cottage.

Color – Another important decision in landscape design is choosing the right color scheme. Warm colors will make an object appear closer, while cool coolers are often used to create perspective. The colors of plants and decor throughout your yard will make a big impact on the overall appearance of your landscaping.

Lines – Creating lines is a key element in designing landscapes for your home. These lines are used nearly everywhere, whether it’s entryways, walkways, beds, or texture. Using lines and geometric patterns provides an illusion of depth and distance.

Contrast and Harmony – Using contrast is a great way to highlight various elements in your landscaping. Contrasting elements are especially effective at grabbing a visitor’s attention by placing different items next to each other. On the other hand, a harmonious design helps to create a unified appearance.

Transition – Transition often consists of a gradual change in the world of landscaping. You can usually notice transition by the slow changing of the color intensity of plants, or it may be in relation to plant size. Transition can be applied in other areas, such as foliage shape or texture.

Proportion – Proportion is one of the most apparent design elements in landscaping. Finding the right proportion for each plant requires a little planning, but it’s well worth the effort to create a stunning visual appearance.

Repetition – Repetition is similar to unity, as it’s a great way to create balance. However, it’s still important to mix things up to prevent your yard from feeling monotonous. On the other hand, using too many objects that are not connected can make your yard appear cluttered. Working with a landscape designer is always a great option to receive help with these decisions.

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